Rail King® Railcar Movers

Rail King railcar movers offer intuitive design, functionality, and reliability. This is why we offer a full selection of Rail King railcar movers and supplies for all of your purchase or rental needs.

Boss Railcar Movers

BOSS® Railcar Movers

BOSS railcar movers excel in 3 areas – Safety, Quality and Experience. All Boss machines have standard safety features such as, camera systems, power and heated mirrors and work lights, and on-board telematics that provide critical component feedback and fault reporting. Quality components are used throughout the machine resulting in a state-of-the-art railcar mover. Superior hydraulics, higher horsepower and cooling capacity gives you higher performance. The experience and precision of the engineers and technicians manufacturing BOSS railcar movers insures that they are a reliable and technically sound machine.


Shuttlewagon® Railcar Movers

Shuttlewagon® railcar movers are widely recognized for their reliability, power, ease of use. It is for this reason we provide a huge selection of Shuttlewagon® railcar movers for sale or rent.


Trackmobile® Railcar Movers

When it comes to railcar movers Trackmobile is one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in the industry today. We are proud to offer a large selection of Trackmobile railcar movers.


Railcar Mover Service

Here at Pacific West Systems we pride ourselves on being a leader not just in sales and rental of railcar movers but also in providing a high level experience for service and repair.


Railcar Mover Rentals

When you need a railcar mover for rent we are proud to offer a huge selection of Trackmobile, Shuttlewagon®, and Rail King railcar movers to suite any needs you may have.


Railcar Mover Training

We proudly offer comprehensive training programs to make sure you and your staff know how to safely operate your railcar mover.