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How it works

We provide on-site hands-on railcar mover safety training that is customized to each clients needs.

Insurance mandates training for railcar mover operators, considering factors like facility layout, equipment, and operator experience. Their program covers basics like moving loaded or empty cars, safe stopping practices, navigating curves, and handling various track conditions.

The training spans 4-6 hours, combining classroom sessions with hands-on experience, including video presentations, tests, and one-on-one ground training, allowing operators to demonstrate proficiency and practice as a grounds person.

Video presentations


One-on-one ground training

Hour Duration

Participant Maximum Per Group

Training Focus

We will be covering the following core topics as well as much more!

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Managing Different Track Conditions

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Navigating Curves Efficiently

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Safety Practices for Stopping

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Operating with Loaded or Empty Railcars

Our Customized Approach

All of our programs feature on-site, customized safety training that is unique to your facility, equipment, operation and rail requirements. Railcar mover safety training is provided for operators who are moving empty, partial or full railcars. Our instructors have one-on-one interaction with each student and always make time to discuss site-specific scenarios.

Safety Operation
We have trained thousands of operators throughout North America.  Our goal is to make sure that every operator considers safety above all else.  This helps to reduce the possibility of costly accidents and helps cultivate a culture of safety.    We want to insure that you never have a railcar mover derail, cap-size, run-away with railcars attached, collide into other objects or even loss of limb or life due to improper operation.  With our training we:

  • Teach operators the fundamentals of weight transfer (when applicable)
  • Educate operators to properly use the airbrake system to stop
  • Teach how to use tractive effort and drawbar pull to successfully move railcars.
  • Train operators how to manage coupler slack
  • Instruct operators how to properly communication with grounds person
  • Train operators the proper use of a remote control (when applicable)
  • Teach operators to effectively use sand to increase friction and traction.
Our World Class Trainers
  • Each trainer has more than 20 years in the rail car business
  • Each trainer has technical expertise to assess the condition of your rail car mover and point out potential mechanical issue(s)
  • Our trainers are fun and passionate about rail car movers and people 
Additional Topics Covered
  • Understanding and Using the Inspection Checklist
  • Standard Railcar Mover Operations and Limitations
  • Review, assess and determine the quantity of full and empty railcars that can be moved safely
  • Effects of Weather and Temperature on Railcar Mover Operation
  • Assessing of Grade and Track Curves on the Railcar Mover Operation
  • Rail Track and Bed Condition 
  • Teach operators how to safely get on and off the rail
  • Rail Switch types and Condition
  • Weight Transfer or Draw Bar Pull Calculations
  • Railcar Weight Distribution
  • Shock Loading
  • Securing Rail Cars

Pacific West Systems operator safety training is available for all major brands of railcar movers.  We will work with your team to ensure that each operator certified is confident, knowledgeable and can operate the railcar mover safely.

  • Rail King™
  • Boss™
  • Trackmobile™
  • Switchmaster™
  • Nordco
  • Shuttle Wagon™

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